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Slatkin & Co Candle in Peach Bellini

This is one of my simple little pleasures in life. Lighting up a candle and just allowing the fragrance to waft through the house just brings me such happiness. My current favorite is Slatkin & Co Candle in Peach Bellini. It could be purchased at Bath & Body Works among other places.


I think it’s very important to our over all well being that we think positive thoughts. Positive thoughts can lead to positive words which in turn will lead to positive actions.  Positive actions will produce positive reactions in everything you do.

We also need to be grateful for all that we have in our lives. Gratitude stems from humility. If we are humble, grateful and positive, we would have a much happier life. Remember, life never stays the same. It can always be worse.

Have a happy heart and you’ll have a happy life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Fresh Flowers

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Well it’s spring time and my fresh flower buying time is here. Once the Spring arrives  I buy fresh flowers every two weeks. I love live flowers in my home.  In the summer it’s usually Carnations (they are so cheap but look great) and Hydrangeas.  My favorite flowers are Orchids (thou I can’t seem to keep them alive), Hydrangeas and Calla Lilies.

But for Easter weekend I got 3 dozens tulips from Trader Joe’s. Loves it!

Old poopy pants

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As random as heck. I was heading to Rite Aid for ice-cream. Rounded the corner and there he was, pooping in the streets. 1 pm on a Sunday. Uhhhh!

Feeling a little sad.

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Well I know it’s not a big deal to you guys but to me it is.  I was washing my fish bowl thinking that in another month my fish will be 1 yr old.  I was thinking how lucky I was that he lived that long ( in a bowl).  I put him back in and he started to do some acrobatics ( some tricks lol that I’ve never seen before).  I walk away, come back in 30 mins  and he’s dead. Bummer!

Alive and well

Dead. Dead. Dead.

How depressing.

No more fishes for me.  But I will miss this one. I had to hand feed it one pellet at a time twice a day so yes,  it took up a little of my time. It won’t eat if you just dropped the food in the bowl. Then a few months ago, it started to go blind and bump into the glass, hit itself on the shells and couldn’t see the food. Well now I’ll get a cat!

I’m back

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After a little hiatus, I’m back!  I had some business to tend to and got really busy. Hopefully I can find time to post here at least once a week.

A healthy lifestyle

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It’s no secret that most Americans are overweight. We all know the main cause of obesity is lack of daily exercise and an unhealthy diet. I have to admit that I am guilty of sometimes allowing myself to gain too much weight. A super busy schedule and sometimes intense stress can cause me to over eat.  Well, I’m back on the healthy grind.

Taking the time to fit in a workout each day and making healthy choices is a priority for me. I’ve always been a vegetable and fruit eater but I throw some junk in there too. For eg. this weekend, amid all the healthy eating, I woke up with an intense craving for Key Lime Pie.  Well I did end up making it but I made sure to eat only a serving size and I put the rest of the pie in the freezer.

The fact that I joined Weight Watchers is also helping me. I’m surprised that I actually enjoy the new pointsplus program. With WW, I get to eat the things I want but at the right time and the right amount.  I hope you’re taking care of yourself too.


My inspiration Teresa Jordan – Raw food guru.  Can you believe she’s 53 in this pic?

Taking the time to parcel off single potion sizes of fruits and veggies.  During the week when I’m super busy and don’t have time to stop and cook, I just grab  one of these.