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December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was on the lookout for a make up primer. I’ve tested MAC primers among others but wasn’t too sold on any.  I’d heard about Make up Forever before but never tried any of their products.  My cousin, who uses their products, came to visit for Thanksgiving and I got a chance to see how their make up works.  Her face looked flawless.

So I headed over to Sephora to check it out and was pleasantly surprised. I fell in love with their HD Microperfecting Primer. It glides on easily and seems to absorb into the skin when dry. It also helps the foundation and powder to adhere to the skin. I personally haven’t tried it yet with foundation, only under my MAC Powder but the result was flawless looking skin.  Even though I only use foundation on special occasions, I now feel like I can skip this step altogether and just go for the primer and powder.

Here is what Make Up Forever claims

What it is:

A lightweight, oil-free complexion corrector that enhances the skin’s texture and primes the skin for makeup application.

What it does:

HD Microperfecting Primer deeply nourishes, moisturizes, and softens the skin, creating a glowing effect. Creates a protective layer on the skin allowing foundation to glide on easily and last longer.

It comes in six colors ( neutral, green, mauve, caramel, blue, yellow, pink) and is exclusive to Sephora.

Size: 1.o1 oz

Price : $32

And here is a picture of me testing out my new found love.


DIY Manicure

November 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Lets face it, our  hands are a very important part of our body. It’s what we use to do most of our task on a daily basis. Over time, they can become dry, rough and wrinkled. It is important that we take care of our hands  because people may be judging you by them. What if you have to shake the hands of a potential boss and your hands are dry and chapped? Or worst, what if you are on a date with the “perfect guy” and he wants to hold your hand? Only to be greeted with what feels like sand paper?

Luckily for you, there are simple ways to achieve baby soft, beautiful  hands.

First, if you’re wearing nail polish remove them.

Next, using a nail clip, clip your nail to a desired length. Or you can file them. Either will do.

Gently buff nails to a smooth texture.


Soak them. A simple nail soak my mother taught me as a child is as followed



Two tbsp of  Olive oil

A few drops of lemon essential oil. Or you can drop a few slivers of lemon rind into the bowl

I love to add Hibiscus petals to my oil soak just so that it will look pretty.

Soak nails for 10 -15 minutes.


Olive oil helps to soften and hydrate the cuticles

Lemon helps the nails to maintain it’s lovely white color.

Tip* For nails that are discolored, rub nails into half of  a lemon for about 5 minutes. It will help to whiten the nails.


For soft hands use this recipe


1/2 tbsp olive oil or shea butter

1 tbsp refined white sugar.

Few drops lavender essential oil  (optional)

Mix together in a bowl. Apply to hands, rubbing in a circular motion.  This will exfoliate hands, buffing away dead skin cells and give them a smooth, silky texture.


After soaking  and exfoliating, rinse hands with warm soapy water.


Clip only hang nails ( not your cuticles) and push back cuticles using an orange wood stick.


On to the polish.

You can either chose to leave your nails bare with a just a top coat of clear shiny polish or you can use a funky bold color.

Remember to always use a base coat. This will help the polish to adhere to the nail. It also provides a smooth surface for the color and can also protect the nail from chemical damage and staining.

Follow with one or two coats of your bold color.

Next, a clear top coat  will help to seal the color, resulting in a longer lasting manicure.

*Tip remember to let the nails completely dry between coats.

Repeat Once a week.


Naturally perfect facial moisturizer

October 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Having very sensitive skin has led me on  a quest to find the perfect, mild facial moisturizer. After trying countless expensive and inexpensive potions alike, I grew very frustrated with the results.  My skin would get too dry or too oily and some even caused breakouts.

One day, my mom was sitting by the window, and gazing at her in that natural light, it struck me just how beautifully flawless her skin is at 60 years old. I asked her what she uses on her face and she said % PURE  ALOE VERA.

Well since then, I adopted the use of aloe vera gel on my face and I have seen a tremendous difference. No more pricey potions in pricey packaging. I’m sticking with Mother Nature’s gift.

I add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to the aloe and apply it my skin twice a day.  I love the even tone and dewy glow  it provides.

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