Happy Mother’s Day!

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Saying thank you

November 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

It’s important to let someone who has been good to you, know that you appreciate them. Saying thank you is not only kind and good manners, but it also nurtures relationships whether it’s  platonic, romantic or business. A great way to say thank you is with a small gift.  One of my favorite gifts to give is Godiva chocolates.


One of my favorites is the CARAMEL PECAN BARK $25 for a gift tin.

And for my lovely little trips to Godiva once a month I indulge in the CHOCOLIXIR.  My favorite is white chocolate raspberry. I used to be able to get the Godiva associate to customize my chocolixir (white chocolate, caramel with a hint of raspberry) but alas, Godiva no longer allows shakes to be customized. *le sigh*

Plus if you join the Godiva club, you receive 1 free truffle per month 🙂

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